Decopac Despicable Me 2 Beach Party DecoSet

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Now Minions are in cake baked which are found in Amazon. Set includes one minion on float, 2 minion flat poly-plastic picks, and one flat poly-pick beach scene.These were perfect for the cake baked.Cute one is an actual toy, the others are picks with the character on top so you can put it into the cake.They are made of sturdy plastic so you can use them as many times you want. The center piece, the minion on the inner tube, is 3D but the other decorations are 2D. It still looked nice on the cake. I will be reusing these.

Despicable Me 2 Beach Party DecoSet

  • Price:$9.51
  • ┬áMinion is a hard plastic piece, perfect for playtime after your party
  • Cake design works great on a variety of cake formats
  • Feature the most popular characters of Despicable Me 2



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